History of the town is wedded with history of all nations. We can document settlements marks of Rožďalovice region since younger stone age. Here was settled dynasty of Charvats during Slavonic settlements. After the Slavniks dynasty burn down and slaughter the territory descended to havransky district. The first written report about Rožďalovice is in Palacky history (from 1223 - 1226). The manor of Rozdalovice was held by two different dynasties for a longer time, therefore we suppose that there were two villages with same name (one around the castle, second near river).
Ješek of Rožďalovice from king Jan Lucembursky suite was most famed. On 1340 due to his credit obtain city privilege by the king. But the town hall with city privilege was burned down in 1666. Privilege imperators Leopold I., Josef I. and Josef II renews. At the war campaign Ješek of Rožďalovice go with the king and in 1346 fell with him at the Battle of Crécy. King with fifty knights was buried in Luxembourg.
Here was ruled dynasty from Mochov and Košík in Hussitism era. Against to Jan Hus burning and Jerome of Prague putting in prison Nicholas of Mochov a seal appendant to a deed of protest of 452 Czech and Moravian masters.
Sole proprietor of Rožďalovice and Dymokury rule has become dynasty of Křinec of Ronov in 15. century. They was indorse to the Unity of the Brethren. With they subvention Václav Rožďalovský and Jiří Melantrich studied at Prague university. The Castle Dynasty of Křinec rebuilds Renaissance. They were buried, but only one tomb stone of Lukrecie Křinecké of Jandorf from 1585 was well-preserved. Their rule was confiscated after Battle of White Mountain and in 1622 bought by Albrecht of Waldstein. They changed it with kinfolk after one year, they stay here to 1760. Gothic church, castle and deanship was rebuild in baroque during the reign of Waldstein. Church was blessed in 1731 in St. Havel praise. In front of the entrance to castle is baroque statue of St. Jan Nepomucký and St. Václav from 1717 designed by M. J. Brokof, in square is Marian column from 1718. Rule was held by different holder after Waldstein, from 1815 to 1930 was held by Lobkowicz dynasty.
Variety of armies comes through the town during Thirty Years' War, Seven Years' War and Austro-Prussian War; they require assisted running and food-supply, build military hospital. A school building was used by army during 1st and 2nd world war. You may find 51 names of 1st world war victim in memorial (e.g. Josef Hojsák - executed on Italian front). Victims of 2nd world war was Josef Kozel - fell on barricade in Bráník, František Malík - fell on barricade in Libeň (War Merit Cross in memoriam ), Václav Saska - fell on barricade in Pankrác, Miloslav Styblík - missing during Bahama training flight, Václav Taraba - 16 years apprentice, fell 7. 5. 1945, František Ryba (from Kopidlno) - fell during partisan action in 7. 5. 1945, Chasan Kalikov (Vlasov's army from Turkistan) - fell during partisan action in 7. 5. 1945. Fight for freedom: Josef Vyhnánek, Vlasta Vyhnálková - fight in Svoboda army (track from Buzuluk to Prague),Josef Doubek - fight as pilot - bombarder in Great Britain, live in Australia, František Mlejnecký - fight as pilot - fighter in Great Britain, live in Great Britain, Stanislav Kraus - campaign in Palestine, Syria a Egypt in Tobruk.

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