Rožďalovský Václav - Born about 1490 in Rožďalovice, died 20. 9. 1520 in Prague, calixtin theologian. Study at Prague University (in 1513 bachelor and in 1515 master). Lecture at the university, provost of Charles college; in 1519 communication with Luther - congratulation to they work. They was ejection from Prague for they Lutheran's meaning in 1524.

Jiří Melantrich Rožďalovický from Aventino - czech arch-letterpress printer. Born in 1511 in Rožďalovice, study humanistic studies at Prague University, then at Wittenberg University.
On Zikmund Hrubý advice he came up to the biggest Frobenin printery in Basel. In Prague worked in the Bartoloměj Netolický printery, which in 1522 bought (they enhance it, best in Europe). Imperator Ferdinand favor - printing and edition advantages (e.g. exclusive printing of the Czech bible and Mathiol herbarium). He was votary of Czech language and excellent grammarian. In Melantrich printery were printed many books, newspapers, calendars, etc.
Melantrich obtain heraldry with nickname "z Aventina" (according to hill, where was the first Roman library built) by imperator Ferdinand. In 1558 become Prague alderman. Died 19. 11. 1580 in Prague and was in Bethlehem Chapel bury. Successor was Daniel Adam Veleslavin, husband of his daughter Anna. The biggest Czech publisher received name of the Czech arch-letterpress printer, to many of them migrate to Melantrich birthplace ant there bookbinder Jan Rajman make fair binding. On the town hall is Melantrich memorial plaque, one street is call after him.
  Gustav Adolf Lindner - born in Rožďalovice 11. 3. 1828, died 16. 10. 1887 in Prague (buried in Vysehrad cemetery). Two years in ethologic institute in Litoměřice, studie philosophy and law. Secondary teacher in Rychnov and Jičín.
In 1854 was adjourned to Celj in Styria for they progressive and patriotic mentality, where was 16 years in exile. There wrote in German though, but newer deny our progressive and patriotic mentality. In 70 years was school inspector in Cejl, in 1871 was return back to the Czech - director of gymnasium in Prachatice and training-school in Kutná Hora. They establish handwork and hands-on naturalistic training - boom of the school.
In 1882 was called to the first pedagogy professor at the renewable Czech university. There find their domain – focus of the pedagogic work, cultural leader of the Czech teachers, promoter of Czech pedagogy as a science. Author of the philosophic publication, secondary textbook of psychology, didactics, publisher of Komenský publication, founder of the first teacher journal "Paedagogiurn".They known every category of the schools - from basic next to secondary and training-school, they knew all philosophic branches as well as pedagogic and their additional sciences.

Josef Jiří Böhm - born in Rožďalovice 28. 3. 1807, died 28. 1. 1868 in Prague, astronomer, professor, director of Prague observatory, write many of the abstracts and papers

Josef Saska - born in Rožďalovice 16. 11. 1848, professor of mechanics and theory of the machine engineering on Czech Technical University in Prague

Jan Rektorys - citizen of Rožďalovice, born 15. 1. 1817, died 2. 1. 1890, tailor son. From 1861 to 1881 was city manager. In establish 1848 municipal chronicle of the town. Skilful painter - decorate by the pictures, perpetuate guard of rožďalovice from 1848 and old Rožďalovice.

Václav Thám - (born 28. 9. 1723 in Rožd'alovicích, died 20. 3. 1805 in Prague), cook at Waldstein countess, father of revivalist: Karel Ignác Thám - doctor of liberal arts, writer, translator ant Václav Thám - doctor of liberal arts, poet, dramatist, translator

ThDr. a PhDr. František Kordač - ( born 11. 1. 1852 in Seletice, died 26. 4. 1934 in Prague), prague archbishop, professor, political, writer. Retired by Vatican in 1931

Hedvika Patrovská - mother of poet and dramatist Viktor Dyk, married width Václav Dyk, director of lobkowicz rule (born 17. 9. 1853 in Rožd'alovice, died 20. 3. 1927 in Prague).

Jan Rajman - (born 25. 8. 1882 in Rožd'alovice, died 27. 3. 1965 same), bookbinder, binder craft. Publication of the colored photos of the old Rožd'alovice, postcards from Rožd'alovice and surroundings from Karel Vik and book "Můj dědeček".

Josef Horák - (born 23. 12. 1883 in Rožd'alovice, died 10. 6. 1968 in Nymburk), teacher, headteacher on Vysocko and Jilemnicko, choirmaster of Krkonoše teachers, collector of the carols. Publicate "Krkonošské koledy", "Vánoční povídání o koledách z Podkrkonoší", memorial volume "Rožd'alovice na přelomu století", contribution to the journal. gave impulse to establishing museum.

Theodor šimáček - (born 10. 11. 1859 in Rožd'alovice, died 11. 04. 1920 in Prague), one of the best student of Antonín Dvořák, musical pedagogue (establish music school in Pardubice and Nový Bydžov)

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