Castle and church

Baroque castle - In the village there was originally renaissance castle (buid in 1622) rebuilt to its baroque form in 1760. Three wings castle with turrect clock, main portal with M. J. Brokof sculptures.
   Interesting is its decoration of frontage and the place in front of the entrance, designed by M. J. Brokof (statue of St. Jan Nepomucký and St. Václav)
   In the north wing is chapel with original arrangement. In some of the room are rococo paintings from the 1770. In middle wing was room with cave paintings style.

Baroque Church St. Havel (Gallus) - view point of the region, from 1725 - 1734, with two towers, over the entrance is the Waldstein heraldry, tinny font from 1457. Tombstone of Johana Křinecká from Ronov from year 1586.
At Václav Josef Waldstein request has the church built up in years 1726-33 in place ex gothic church. In years 1836 - 38 and 1912 a 1942 was made full-range reconstruction. The rectangular body with extensional middle part, at what the presbytery is continue. The south main frontage is segmented by pilasters and portals. High gable is closed by the triangular tympanum, in the wall niche are st. Josef, st. Václav, st. Zikmund, st. Petr and Pavel, st. Jan Nepomucký and st. Barbora statues and next the monastic saintess statues. At the gable are the three sainted bishop (from 18. century).
The high altar was from the year 1725 and in 1763 was completed restored. Domination of the altar is the painting by V. Mayer from 1743, at the sides is altars st. Petr and Pavel statues. In the presbytery is side boarded altar Virgin Mary from 1760 with Byzantine icon. The sides altars are sanctified to the st. Jan Křtitel (from 1763, painting by J. Hellich from 1844) and Virgin Mary (from 1760, painting by F. Leubner from 1774).

The pulpit was from second half of 18. century, statues in the wall niche from 1890, baroque organ before 1750 (from canceled Augustinian Monastery). In the sacristy is Christ on crucifix painting from 1833. Canceled cemetery with several extant tombstones (from thirst half of 19. century) is around the St. Havel church.

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